André Dao is completing a PhD at the Institute of International Law and the Humanities at Melbourne Law School, on the intersections between international human rights law, technology and critical theory. His thesis is titled ‘Human rights for a data society?’

‘No Voice Left Behind’ was commissioned for the Machine Listening curriculum as part of Unsound 2020: Intermission.

Research Articles

André Dao and Tim Lindgren, ‘On Capitalism as Civilisation: Going Back (and Forth) to International Law’ Critical Legal Thinking 7 February 2022. Available at:

André Dao and Danish Sheikh, ‘Translating Dark into Bright: Diary of a Post-Critical Year’ Critical Legal Thinking 13 April 2021. Available at:

André Dao, ‘What I Heard About Manus Island (When I Listened to 14 Hours of Recordings From Manus Island’ Law Text Culture, 24, 2020. Available at:

André Dao, ‘Human Dignity, the Right to be Heard, and Algorithmic Judges’, British Yearbook of International Law, braa009, (open access link here).

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